ViewSonic Wireless Casting Kit


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ViewSonic Projector SP6
ViewSonic Projector SP6
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ViewSonic Wireless Casting Kit
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  • Connector Type
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  • Net Weight
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Wireless Screen Casting Kit

  - Plug-and-Play: Direct connection without network setup or software installation ​

  - Peer-to-Peer Connection: Ensure stable and secure connection via an exclusive network​

  - Smooth Display: Less than 80ms latency with support for up to 1080p resolution​

  - DRM-protected Content Streaming: Wirelessly display content from Netflix, Disney+, and more​

  - Long-Range Wireless Transmission: From up to 30m away without long HDMI cables ​

 - Facilitated Multi-presenter Meetings: Support up to 8 transmitters via USB-C port

The WPD-700 is an intuitive, stable, and secure wireless casting solution. Offering plug-and-play functionality, it enables users to cast content wirelessly from their mobile devices without network setup or software installation. Using a peer-to-peer connection, it ensures transmission stability and security, and simplifies guest access for content sharing. The WPD-700 provides smooth streaming with less than 80ms latency and supports up to 1080p Full HD resolution. Additionally, it enables wireless streaming of DRM-protected content from popular platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and more. With a transmission range of up to 30m, it allows you to cast content wirelessly even in large spaces, saving the cost of long HDMI cables. The transmitter features a USB-C port, providing direct compatibility with most mobile devices without extra adapters, including the latest iPhone 15. Furthermore, its ability to pair with up to 8 transmitters makes switching between multiple presenters convenient with a single click.

Brands Viewsonic
Transmitter & Receiver
Connector Type USB-C x 1, HDMI * 1, USB-A * 1
power Input 5V/1A, 5V/0.5A
Net Weight 37.5g, 19g
Dimension (WxDxH) 170 x 40 x 16 mm, 677 x 17 x 6 mm
Output Resolution Up to 1080p 60Hz
Latency <80ms
HDCP Support HDCP 1.4
Wifi 5G
Transmission Distance Up to 30m
Screen Mirror/Extend Yes
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